BRNR GRND - 2 Pack

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Introducing the GRND from BRNR Lab!

If your personal style is minimalist and refined, then here's a grinder to match it. This compact and affordable grinder is made from sustainable hemp-based plastic which helps reduce the carbon footprint by 15%. 

Perfect for Travel

The GRND, is perfect for travel or on the go, and its extra-grippy construction ensures you won't slip up while using it despite its small size.The “GRND”, provides a fluffy even grind every time. It has a cool, hardware quality to it, an accessory worthy of a high-class vape and top-grade flower. Just a friendly reminder it’s made from hemp!!!! How cool is that?

About BRNR Lab

BRNR Lab is a premier maker of cool and innovative products. BRNR’s mantra is to create stylish and affordable products that are both sustainable and easily incorporated into people’s everyday lives. BRNR’s never ending mission is to help Mother Earth and the environment by finding ways to reduce the carbon footprint when designing and manufacturing its products.  This approach helps ensure our customers can feel confident when making purchases that help contribute to a more sustainable world.