PETRA - Limited Edition



Hanu Labs has always been proud of the fact that all of our products are assembled in the USA, but in light of the pandemic, getting the parts we need to manufacture our devices has become increasingly difficult. During this uphill battle many industries in manufacturing are facing, we have experienced delays in shipping and changes across the supply chain, putting us in a challenging position as a small business. Several of the key components for the assembly have not arrived yet and we’ve been informed that delays are imminent. 

That said, we’ve had to push back the shipping date for the Evo Petra. Our intention was to have all of the devices shipped out by December 5th, but once the holiday rolled around, we were informed of some issues with shipping. 

At this point in time, we are anticipating a ship date of February 15th for pre-sale orders, with delivery times varying between 5-7 days. We sincerely apologize for this delay, and are happy to answer any questions or address concerns you may have about this change. 

Why the Petra ?

Petra is famous for its rock-cut architecture and water system. Petra is an archeological city and one of the Seven Wonders of the World.  It is a city which has been built within the mountain terrain and this makes it one of the unique features and gets listed as one of the seven wonders of the world.

The Petra, created by the team Hanu Labs. The first desktop aromatherapy device released under the Hanu Labs brand. A rock like device with a bold design, built for the enthusiast and novice consumer. The Petra is built to last, offering our customers a user friendly experience  

Designed by experts you can trust to make the best. We have been pioneers  in the acceptance and modernization of  the cannabis industry since vaporizations'  inception, and developing award-winning  vaporizers for 9 consecutive years. 

 The EVO Petra uses convection based hot air to evenly, efficiently, and thoroughly unveil aromatic healing properties. Relaxing and therapeutic elements are activated with precision to produce robust aromas with unparalleled vibrant flavor. Our heater core is also encapsulated in glass to provide the purest air path possible. This combination of superior taste and purity provides the user with a flavor profile unmatched by any other aromatherapy device.


The Petra Station includes:

  • 1 EVO Petra
  • 1 Crown Hydratube 
  • 1 HYDRA Foot 
  • 2 Baskets - Stainless steel
  • 2 Tubes - Graphite Borosilicate
  • 1 Orbit - Silicone Nail & Basket Holder 
  • 1 Power Cord
  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

* The final product could have slight design changes in the handles.

*The petra can be used with all existing vapexhale hydratube offerings, except  the Swiss Honeycomb.

The Crown (Swiss Tree):

A newly designed crown to complete your Petra Station, a Swiss Tree with a vertically placed mouthpiece, that creates a velvety rich aroma from the unique combination of the Swiss and Tree percolators. The Swiss perc, named for its resemblance to Swiss cheese, allows aromas and water pass around the larger holes, filtering and cooling. The tried and true Tree perc features multiple arms that descend into the water for increased diffusion. Double the smooth factor with the Crown, this HydraTube™ is the one for you.

All of our glass is hand made by a glass artisan. While we do try and make each piece as consistently as possible, because each one is hand-made, you may see a slight variation from unit to unit. Please note that as it is the nature of glass blowing, tiny bubbles may appear in joints.

VOLTAGE REQUIREMENTS: 110V unit exclusively for use in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Not to be used with any type of power inverter or converter.