The extract tubes are changing the game. Traditional consumption methods involve a blow torch (yikes) which yields an EXTREMELY hot, exposed surface. With this little tube, all the heating goes down inside of the shell of the EVO, keeping your heat enclosed and material safe from any hot plates or coils. To get your preferred form of extract inside, simply scrape a small amount inside the slit at the bottom and drop it into the top of the EVO. Available in quartz and borosilicate glass.

Pro tips:

    1. To clean the bottom of the concentrate tubes quickly, crank the EVO all the way up and let them heat soak for 5 minutes.
    2. The bottom portion of the tube (under what is known as the "maria" - the lip) will be hot anytime they come out of the EVO. There's an EVO Station that acts as a safe and organized place to let the tubes & baskets cool.