Explore the Science

An explanation of the technology behind the EVO

THE HEATER CORE. Inside each EVO is the patented PerpetuHeat Thermal Technology. This advanced technology automatically adjusts the heating to a person's inhalation rate, ensuring smooth, rich, and consistent vapor. As you inhale, the air flows past the heater, warms up to your set temperature and then glides through to vaporize your chosen herb or concentrate. The EVO utilizes convection heating technology which provides superior heating and vaporization when compared to conduction heating. Most other devices utilize conduction heating which consists of a hot surface that actually chars the herb, leading to that all too common burnt taste.

The EVO's all glass airpath delivers pure vapor and enables you to taste full spectrum flavor. Traveling from the glass enclosed heater core to the customized glass mouthpiece, your herb hits your airways as rich, clean, moisture conditioned vapor, cooled to perfection. 


When it comes to aromatherapy, horsepower matters. Save your work outs for the gym, not for your aromatherapy session! When designing the EVO, we wanted the aroma production to be effortless, plentiful, flavorful, and delicious.  Most of all, we wanted people to walk away with the best experience possible. We expect a lot out of ourselves and our devices were designed for people that desire the best in flavor, purity, and efficiency.


One last added benefit is the technical efficiency of the EVO allows for all aromatherapy lovers to leisurely enjoy the highest levels of potency with the smallest amounts material possible. The supremacy of our delivery system eliminates combustion and tainted flavor altogether by pulling out the effective ingredients and flavor molecules that elevate bodies and minds without burning or charring.  For those that enjoy the finer things in life, using an EVO is simply a no brainer.