Glass Bamboo Repair

However the deed went down, do not fear! We can fix your EVO and get you back to aroma heaven where you belong. Bamboo breaks that are NOT due to product defect are not covered under the 3-Year Limited Warranty. Please allow 7-14 business days from the time we receive your unit for us to complete your repair.

Here is the fee breakdown & notes:

  • $94.99 includes replacement glass and return shipping
  • NOTE: YOU CANNOT USE DISCOUNTS ON REPAIRS (If you attempt to do so your order will be canceled)
  • Note: Please clean EVO of any residue before sending
  • Note: Repairs only for EVO not HydraTube

IMPORTANT: You must include the following information in the NOTES of your order or your repair cannot be processed:

  • EVO serial number
  • Support case number
  • Reason for repair in the notes

Do you think your break should be covered under warranty? Please email for more info.