Glass Bamboo Repair - International Customers

Sale price Price $130.00 Regular price $130.00

However the deed went down, do not fear! We can fix your EVO and get you back to aroma heaven where you belong. Bamboo breaks are not covered under the 3-Year Limited Warranty. Please allow approximately 14 business days from the time we receive your unit for us to complete your repair.

Here is the fee breakdown & notes:

  • $130.00 USD repair fee includes replacement of Bamboo, heating calibration, and return shipping
  • NOTE: YOU CANNOT USE DISCOUNTS ON REPAIRS (If you attempt to do so your order will be canceled)
  • Note: Please clean EVO of any residue before sending
  • Note: Repairs only for EVO not HydraTube

IMPORTANT: Please include the following information in the NOTES of your order or your repair:

  • EVO serial number
  • Support case number
  • Any repair in the notes

If you have trouble completing payment or have questions, please email